Oxford University Clinical Research Unit

Dr Thuy Nhien is currently Vice Head of Malaria Research at OUCRU-VN.

Dr Thuy Nhien received PhD in Life Sciences (in field of Malaria Molecular Biology) in Kyoto, Japan and joined OUCRU in 2010. She has experienced as an investigator involved in many malaria clinical trials, community based studies, laboratory researches related to anti-malarial drug resistance, new drugs development, genetic epidemiology and has supervised OUCRU Malaria laboratory. She has experienced working with both industrial and academic partners, in both hospitals and in the field sites.

Dr Thuy Nhien is leading malaria genetic surveillance activities in Vietnam, in close collaboration with Vietnam NMCPs, GenRe-Mekong project, MORU, Wellcome Sanger Institute and Menzies to monitor and understand how drug resistance emerges and spreads in malaria parasites and provide timely quality information to support drug policy decision marking.

Dr Thuy Nhien’s current research focuses on drug resistance molecular markers, molecular epidemiology of drug resistance, sero-surveillance and malaria elimination in Vietnam and GMS.