• Associate Professor Sarah Auburn

    Menzies School of Health Research

    Associate Professor Sarah Auburn is a molecular biologist, whose passion is using genetics/genomics to learn about the biology and the epidemiology of pathogens and their hosts. In pursuit of this interest, she […]

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  • Associate Prof Justin Boddey


    Justin Boddey is a Laboratory Head at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI), Principal Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne and Leadership Fellow of the National Health […]

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  • Jean-Luc Bodmer

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    Jean-Luc Bodmer, based in Seattle, WA, US, is currently a Senior Program Officer at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, bringing experience from previous roles at Seres Therapeutics, Genocea and EPFL (École polytechnique […]

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  • Dr Noah Butler

    The University of Iowa

    Noah Butler is the Mark Stinski Professor in Immunology and Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology in the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine in the US. Dr. Butler’s laboratory uses […]

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  • Prof Flaminia Catteruccia

    Harvard T.H. Chan, School of Public Health

    Professor of Immunology and Infectious Diseases Flaminia Catteruccia is Professor in the Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and an Howard Hughes Medical […]

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  • Assistant Prof Yi-Wei Chan

    University of Pennsylvania

    Yi-Wei Chang is an Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine in the United States. Yi-Wei received his PhD in structural biology from National […]

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  • Prof Kelly Chibale

    University of Cape Town

    Kelly Chibale is a full Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Cape Town (UCT) where he holds the Neville Isdell Chair in African-centric Drug Discovery & Development. He is also […]

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  • Prof Kirk Deitsch

    Weill Cornell Medical College

    Kirk Deitsch is a Professor in the Microbiology and Immunology Department and co-Chair of the Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology Graduate Program at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, USA. […]

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  • Prof Friedrich Frischknecht

    Heidelberg University

    Professor Frischknecht studied biochemistry at the Free University of Berlin and did his PhD at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg working on how poxviruses use the actin cytoskeleton to spread […]

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  • Prof Matt Higgins

    University of Oxford

    Professor Matt Higgins is the EP Abraham Chair of Structural Biology at the University of Oxford. His research team study how different human-infective parasites interact with their hosts during essential processes in […]

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  • Dr Azza Idris

    The National Institutes of Health

    Dr. Azza Idris is a physician scientist with extensive training in immunology and pediatric infectious diseases. Her professional interests span discovery science and translational research. Currently, she serves as the head of […]

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  • Björn Kafsack

    Weill Cornell Medicine

    Björn Kafsack leads a team of researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City. His group uses molecular genetics and multi-omics approaches to probe the regulatory mechanisms underlying sexual commitment and […]

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  • Dr Steven Kho

    Menzies School of Health Research

    Dr Steven Kho is a post-doctoral researcher at the Menzies School of Health Research and led studies that recently uncovered the human spleen as a natural hidden reservoir for Plasmodium species. Dr […]

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  • Prof Gemma Moncunill


    Gemma Moncunill is an Assistant Research Professor in the Malaria Immunology group at ISGlobal (Barcelona, Spain), where she works on determinants and mechanisms of vaccine responses and immunity to malaria and other […]

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  • Associate Prof Isabella Oyier

    KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme (KWTRP)

    Isabella Oyier is the Head of the Biosciences Department at KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Program (KWTRP), an Associate Professor, Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford a Calestous Juma Fellow, funded by the […]

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  • Prof Ana Rodriguez

    NYU Langone Health

    Ana Rodriguez is a Full Professor in the Department of Microbiology at New York University School of Medicine in the US. She has dedicated her career to the study of host parasite […]

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  • Dr Liliana Mancio-Silva

    Institut Pasteur

    Dr Liliana Mancio-Silva is currently a research associate at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) and a group leader at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, France. Her primary […]

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  • Prof Photini Sinnis

    Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

    Professor Sinnis MD is Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and one of the Deputy Directors of the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute. […]

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  • Dr Nguyen Thanh Thuy Nhien

    Oxford University Clinical Research Unit

    Dr Thuy Nhien is currently Vice Head of Malaria Research at OUCRU-VN. Dr Thuy Nhien received PhD in Life Sciences (in field of Malaria Molecular Biology) in Kyoto, Japan and joined OUCRU […]

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  • Prof Rita Tewari

    University of Nottingham

    Rita Tewari is Professor of Parasite Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Research in her group aims to analyse parasite proteins, in particular kinases, phosphatases and other novel proteins involved […]

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  • Prof Ross Waller

    University of Cambridge

    Ross Waller completed a PhD in 2000 at the University of Melbourne working on the newly discovered remnant plastid in apicomplexan parasites. He undertook postdoctoral training from 2000-3 as a Peter Doherty […]

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  • Prof Hedda Wardemann

    German Cancer Research Center

    Professor Hedda Wardemann is heading the Division of B Cell Immunology at the German Cancer Research Center. Professor Wardemann is a B cell immunologist with a primary interest in antibody repertoires and […]

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  • Dr Susan Wyllie

    University of Dundee

    University of Dundee Dr Susan Wyllie gained her PhD at the University of Edinburgh in 1999 following studies of the parasitic bacteria, Chlamydia psittaci. Following a 3-year postdoc at the University of […]

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